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Student Loan Refinancing



Helping Anesthetist save money on student loans and get out of debt faster!

One accomplishment all Anesthetist have in common is advanced education and training to get where they are today. Obtaining this level of education and training requires many to compile student loan debt throughout the process.

We realize the hard work and sacrifices Anesthetist go through to reach where they are today. High interest student loan debt should not be another struggle the community deals with once they are done with their education.

We are proud to present the Anesthesia community student loan refinancing options with market leading companies in the industry. Accompanied with these loan refinance lenders we have established unique benefits to the Anesthesia community when refinancing through our affiliated partnered programs. 


Let AA Services help...


We are here to help. Contact Us Here or email us at CAA@AnesthetistServices.com and a member of our team will go over our refinance partners and exclusive partnership benefits to help find what options are best for you.  



Lower Interest, Different Payment Plans, Save Money, Eliminating Debt


Splash Financial

Splash saves borrowers $29,340 over the life of the loan. Splash Financial is a leader in student loan refinancing for medical professionals and anesthetist across the country. Consolidate and refinance your federal and private student loans to save money and simplify your life. No application or origination fees and no prepayment penalties. Splash helps anesthetist save thousands on their student loans by lowering your rate. You can find your personalized rate in just minutes! Plus, AA Services readers receive cash bonuses of $300 or $1000 cash bonus when you refinance with Splash!


 $1000 Cash sign on bonus for Refi's over 100k through www.AnesthetistServices.com
(*** Those Eligible for $1000 Bonus must contact AA Services to receive payment. Please contact our team at: Contact Us or email us at CAA@AnesthetistServices.com )

 $300 Cash bonus on Refi's under 100k.

Splash Financial saves borrowers $29,340 over the life of the loan

**Unique Co-Signer 12 Month Release Loan**

Instant rate check does not impact credit score

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Splash Financial breakdown....

  • Splash Financial loans are funded by banks and credit unions, in which Splash Financial has negotiated on anesthetist behalf to ensure they are offering the best rates in their portfolio
  • Refinance both federal and private loans
  • Variable and fixed refinanced loans
  • 5, 8, 12 and 15  year repayment terms
  • No application or origination fees
  • No prepayment or hidden fees
  • Offer transparent savings calculator built into the loan refinancing process
  • Co-Signer Release Loan: Co-Signer may be released in 12 months and your rate stays the same


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Earnest is helping Anesthetist save thousands and even tens of thousands on their student loans by refinancing with low rates. Earnest is offering a $500 sign on bonus to members of the Anesthetist community when you refinance through our affiliated partnership program.

Earnest is a different kind of lender-their data driven application process gives extra credit for financial responsibility, rewarding things like retirement and non-retirement savings. Along with benefits like in-house customer support for the life of your loan and no fees, Earnest also offers the most flexible letting you pick monthly payment to fit your budget rather than predetermined 5, 10, 15, or 20 year terms.

$500 Sign on Bonus through www.AnesthetistServices.com

   Physicians average savings of $48,223 with Earnest

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Earnest breakdown.....

  • They offer flexible terms, which yields even more savings and the ability for your loan to change as your personal situation changes. For example Earnest clients can pick any monthly payment which fits their budget - they don't force predetermined 5,10,15,20 year terms. This give clients more control and flexibility, and leads to even lower rates and higher savings.
  • Personalize your interest rate to your exact loan term with their Precision PricingTM.
  • No prepayment, origination, or disbursement fees.
  • Extra or early payments, bi-weekly payments are options: No fees attached.
  • Skip payments if needed and make it up later.
  • Consolidate Private and Federal loans into one.
  • In-house loan service and management. Meaning Anesthetist will always deal with Earnest not third party servers.
  • Their data driven application process gives extra credit for financial responsibility, which leads to exceptional pricing. For example, the company gives extra credit for things like retirement and non-retirement savings.
  • Unemployment protection, loan forbearance for hardship, and deferment if medical professionals decide to go back to school.
  • Must be employed or have a written job offer of future employment within 6 months and have a credit score of 660+.
  • Students in their last semester for completion of their degree and with written job offer of employment within next 6 months are eligible to apply.
  • Get your Rate feature is quick, easy and free with 2 Minute: Get Your Estimated Rate feature.


SoFi saves borrowers $30,069 over the life of the loan. SoFi is a leader in the marketplace with over $14 billion in loans issued to date. SoFi helps early stage medical professionals accelerate their success with student loanrefinancing, mortgages, mortgage refinancing, and personal loans. SoFi's non traditional underwriting approach takes into account merit and employment history among other factors, so they can offer products thatcan't be found elsewhere.

SoFi makes its easy to refinance your student loans. Anesthetist can find their rate in two minutes with no commitment necessary to check your personalized rates. Anesthetist can apply online from any computer or mobile device. They offer a range of options so medical professionals can optimize monthlypayments, life time cost and payoff speeds.

SoFi is offering a 0.25%
 discount to the Anesthetist community when you refinance through our partnership program

0.25% Additional discount through www.AnesthetistServices.com

            Sofi saves borrowers $30,069 over the life of the loan

 SoFi breakdown....

  • Sofi saves borrowers $30,069 over the life of the loan
  • No application or origination fees
  • No Pre-Payment penalties
  • Unemployment protection- if you loose your job, SoFi will pause loan payments and help you find a new job
  • 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 year repayment terms
  • 0.25% additional discount through AnesthetistServices.com 
  • Combined 0.375% discount with our discount and Autopay discount 

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LendKey is helping Anesthetist reduce their student loans with great rates. LendKey is offering a $300 Sign On Bonus to members of the Medical Professional community when you refinance through our www.AnesthetistServices.com partnership program.


$300 Sign on Bonus through www.AnesthetistServices.com

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LendKey breakdown.....

  • Refinancing and consolidation of private and federal student loans
  • Available for both undergraduate and graduate school student loans
  • 0.25% Interest Rate Reduction with automatic payments
  • Interest only repayment option available for up to first four years of repayment
  • Largest unemployment protection period in the market at 18 months
  • No origination fees or repayment penalties
  • Cosigner release available
  • All loans funded by community lenders like not-for-profit credit unions and community banks



Purefy, formerly CordiaGrad, is a national online lender offering student loan refinancing. Its mission is to help college graduates, who have earned their degrees and launched their careers, to lower their interest rates and get out of debt faster. On average Purefy borrowers with a medical based degree save $20,657 in total interest on their loan, shorten their repayment term by 2 years, and lower their rate by 2%.

Purefy was formed to offer student loan borrowers a personalized, transparent and flexible alternative to federal consolidation and big bank financing. Purefy was the first student loan lender in the industry to show borrowers their interest rate and loan options before applying or a credit check. Each Purefy applicant is assigned a dedicated personal loan advisor, available via email, text, phone or chat to work with borrowers throughout the application process.


Medical Professionals save on average of $20,657 with Purefy

Unique repayment terms

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Purefy Breakdown....
  • See your rate without starting an application
  • Personal loan advisor for every step of the way
  • Refinance both federal and private student loans
  • Medical professionals save on average $20,657 on interest
  • No application or origination fees
  • No repayment penalties
  • Variable and fixed rates
  • Unique 5, 8, and 12 year repayment terms


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     Purefy has a borrower-centric approach, and their experienced team of personal loan advisors are able to provide personal consultations through email, chat, over the phone, or even in person. They will reach out to you once you start your application, or you can contact them directly by emailing info@purefy.com or calling (202) 524-1115 if you have any questions.


Laurel Road

Laurel Road specializes in helping Anesthetist obtain some of the lowest interest rates in the marketplace. Having lent over $2.5 billion to some of the nations top borrowers, Laurel Road has established itself as one of the most prominent student loan refinancing players. Laurel Road is so confident in their low rates, that they encourage borrowers to apply with multiple lenders (remember multiple applications within the same month won't hurt your credit score!).

Plain and simple, Laurel Road looks for the best borrowers, and gives them the best rates. As an added bonus, Laurel Road is offering a partnered 
$200 Sign on Bonus when applicants who refinance apply through www.AnesthetistServices.com "Get Your Rate" feature below.

$200 Sign on Bonus through www.AnesthetistServices.com

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 Laurel Road breakdown....
  • Free to apply - no obligation to accept
  • Refinance both federal and private student loans (undergrad & graduate school)
  • Eligible to apply as soon as anemployment contract has been signed (even in your last semester of school!)
  • No application, origination, or prepayment fees
  • Medical resident only need to pay $100/month during training...regardless of how much you owe!
  • Forgiven in the event of death or documented permanent disability
  • No maximum loan size: $5,000 minimum
  • U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to apply
  • Up to 12 months forbearance is available for short term economic hardship
  • $200 www.AnesthetistServices.com partnered sign on bonus after your loan closes...


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(Rates and Savings as of 10/8/18)


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